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Spa Pool


Let us help you discover your backyard escape


Pools at Woods  has been serving Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas with the best cost-benefit for our customers 

We are only working with the best and our value proposition is simple: Quality work at the best price. 


 Throughout our many years of experience we've learned that many clients have very specific needs. Because of this, we've developed service and maintenance plans that are designed to cater to these unique demands.  


Our Services

Initially, we began servicing only residential clients, but as our reputation for being willing to take on ambitious backyard builds grew, commercial projects started coming our way. 

With the future ahead of us, Pools at Woods will continue to grow and successfully While never losing focus of what is most important: 

Great Service and Customer Satisfaction.


Poos at Woods is a subsidiary of JOYPMC, A Procurement Management Company,   dedicated to being the contractor of choice on the toughest, most challenging and schedule driven projects. Making a difference through OppurtunitIes, innovation, 

and solid relationships at all levels.  

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Pool Render 1.jpg

Our services

Pool Construction 2.jpg
Pool 3 Construction.jpg
Pool Render.jpg

We build your dream

We are able to add customize waterfalls and features complete with slides and grotto, weeping walls, Accent boulders, boulder coping and decking, planters and free renders for your project. 


  • Gunite

  • Steel

  • Excavation

  • Plaster


All of our gunite comes with limited 

time gunite warranty. 

We are fully licensed and insured.


8350 Ashlane Way suite 104, The Woodlands, TX 77382, USA

Business Whatsapp (832) 8238579

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